Load Distribution of Metal Timing Belts
英語題目Load Distribution of Metal Timing Belts
著者名Weiming Zhang, Tomio Koyama
掲載情報Journal of Mechanical Design Vol.123 NO.1, pp98-103, 1999

Metal timing belt (perforation metal belt) is a new element of mechanical transmission and its application is increasing in many fields of industry in recent years. However, there has been almost no research on metal timing belt, the distribution of the belt tension and the tooth load in metal timing belts is theoretically analyzed under the assumption that the belt pitch equals the pulley pitch. The tension distribution and the load distribution are the most important factors that influence the strength of the metal timing belt, similar to the traditional rubber timing belt which has been researched in detail by one of authors. Also experiments measuring the tension distribution have been carried out. Measured results agree well with calculation.