Noise and Life of Helical Timing Belt Drives
英語題目Noise and Life of Helical Timing Belt Drives
著者名M. Ueda, M. Kagotani, T. Koyama, M. Nishioka
掲載情報Journal of Mechanical Design Vol.121 NO.2, pp274-279, 1999

A new helical timing belt has been developed to reduce noise. In the present study, three belts, each having a curvilinear tooth profile and helix angles of 3 deg, 5 deg and 10 deg, respectively, were designed. The noise and life of the helical timing belt under a constant transmission force are compared with those of a conventional timing belt, in which the helix angle is zero. The noise level of the new helical belts having helix angles of 5 deg or 10 deg was found to be around 5 dB(A) lower than the conventional belt. The belt life was found to be almost identical for each type when the installation tension was set while the slack side tension for the transmission force was lowest. The results of the present study showed that helical belts should be selected for applications in which noise is a crucial factor.