英語題目A Study on Distributions of Block Compression Force and Ring Tension of Metal Pushing V-belt Type CVT
掲載情報日本自動車技術会論文集 Vol.25 No4, pp125-130, 1994

Distribution of block Compression Force on driven and driving pulleys was measured using a small load-cell inserted between two blocks on a running belt with constant speed ration. A telemeter mounted on the running belt transmitted the signal from the road cell to the recorder. Ring tension distribution was also measured using a devised block. The following conclusions was drawn from the experiments.
(1)The distribution of block compression force on the driving pulley is significantly different from that on the driven pulley.
(2)Ring tension is not constant along the belt, but it takes different value at each point. Ring tension changes due to the difference of saddle surface velocities between two pulleys.

キーワードCVT, Belt / Metal V-belt, Block Compression Force, Ring Tension